Flatpack2 48V Hybrid

Flatpack2 48V Hybrid
Flatpack2 48V Hybrid


  • One control unit for all functions
  • Reduced fuel use
  • Diesel generator monitoring and control
  • Modularity and scalability
  • High efficiency
  • Priority of solar energy
The hybrid solution is based on the Flatpack2 family of products, perfect and flexible solutionswith a single controller. The hybrid system is powered by solar panels in addition to Gen-setand/or network connection.
With eltek's hybrid solutions, operators can now significantly reduce diesel consumption and maximize renewable energy. Eltek solutions are fully integrated and all power sources and equipment are controlled by a single controller. Eltek hybrid solutions contribute to saving energy, diesel and money in thousands of installations.

The combination of optimized generator sets and efficient use of energy generated by solar panels and/or wind turbines will significantly reduce diesel fuel consumption as well as associated transportation costs. Even if you can't completely replace diesel with renewable energy, Eltek's solution will provide the most value for every drop.

Whether it comes from solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generators or a grid, Eltek's energy conversion equipment ensures minimal energy conversion losses.

To date, there are about 500,000 telecommunications installations running on diesel generators. By optimizing management and using a hybrid solution, CO2 emissions per kWh will be significantly reduced.

Max input AC Voltage
300 VAC
Battery Distribution
LVBD (Low Voltage Battery Disconnect)
DC Load Distribution
LVLD (Low Voltage Load Disconnect)