ELTEK Power systems

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Flatpack S 48V 1U Flatpack S 48V 1U
  • Compact 1U height solution
  • Wide input voltage range: 100 - 250V AC
  • Ethernet/SNMP interfaces
  • Easy to install and configure
Flatpack S 48V 2U Flatpack S 48V 2U
  • Advanced remote control and monitoring
  • Efficiency – 95.5%
  • Hot plug-in swapping
  • System depth 270 mm
  • 4 positions for powerful automatic battery (LVBD) and load
Flatpack S 48V HE Flatpack S 48V HE
  • Compact size
  • Connection of rectifiers in "hot" mode
  • Efficiency 95.5%
  • Forced cooling with controlled fan speed
  • Can be used as a DC/DC Converter
Flatpack2 48V HE Flatpack2 48V HE
  • High efficiency - 96.5%
  • Large working range
  • Proven Reliability
  • Reduced operating costs
Flatpack2 48V Hybrid Flatpack2 48V Hybrid
  • One control unit for all functions
  • Reduced fuel use
  • Diesel generator monitoring and control
  • Modularity and scalability
  • High efficiency
  • Priority of solar energy
Flatpack2 48V/24kW Flatpack2 48V/24kW
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • AC input 85-300 V
  • Output 2-24 kW
  • The Smartpack controller Smartpack 2 or S
  • Hot-swap
FlatPack2 Integrated power system FlatPack2 Integrated power system
  • High efficiency with minimal space
  • Cooling control
  • Digital controller
  • Supports a wide range of input voltages
Smartpack 2 Touch Smartpack 2 Touch
  • Touch screen
  • Monitoring and control via an adaptive web interface
  • More data
  • Possibility of integration with third-party control systems and control devices
  • Programmable multi-purpose inputs
Smartpack R Smartpack R
  • Remote battery monitoring and testing
  • Indication and extension of battery life
  • Charging with automatic temperature compensation
  • It is possible to connect several types of control units
  • Alarm system