Flatpack S 48V 2U

Flatpack S 48V 2U
Flatpack S 48V 2U


  • Advanced remote control and monitoring
  • Efficiency – 95.5%
  • Hot plug-in swapping
  • System depth 270 mm
  • 4 positions for powerful automatic battery (LVBD) and load
Flatpack S 2U — this small powerful system is based exclusively on removable machines and rectifiers and can be easily configured for the desired application, even in the field. The combination of Flatpack S HE rectifier and Smartpack S controller ensures reliable and environmentally safe operation.
Solutions based on Flatpack S is a compact solution that allows you to meet the high power requirements in a limited volume. Flatpack s 2U system can produce up to 9 kW. Eltek Flatpack S has an efficiency of 95.5% and protects against reverse current. Due to its shallow depth and flexibility, the Flatpack S 2U bipolar system is suitable for most cabinets.
The Smartpack S controller ensures reliable operation and control of the power supply system. The functionality of The SmartPack S controller allows you to control and manage both the local display and 4 control buttons, and remotely - through RS232, RS485 ports and Ethernet network.
Plug-in front connection, plug-in switches and rectifiers provide flexibility and in combination with the more advanced Smartpack S controller provide safe, reliable and environmentally friendly operation.

Mains configuration

230VAC Single phase;

230VAC 3 phase (Δ);

230/400VAC 3 phase (Y)

Max input AC Voltage/span>
305 VAC
Max input DC Voltage
300 VDC

DC Output
Current (maximum)
150 ADC
Max voltage
48 VDC
Max power
9 kW
Battery Distribution
Breaker positions up to
Breaker rating up to
80 А
LVBD (Low Voltage Battery Disconnect)
DC Load Distribution
Breaker positions up to
Breaker rating up to
80 А
LVLD (Low Voltage Load Disconnect)
Operating temperature
-40 - 45 °C
Dimensions WxHxD (mm)
482,5 x 88,3 x 270 mm
13,89 lbs