Flatpack2 48V HE

Flatpack2 48V HE
Flatpack2 48V HE
Flatpack2 48V HE
Flatpack2 48V HE


  • High efficiency - 96.5%
  • Large working range
  • Proven Reliability
  • Reduced operating costs
With an efficiency up to 96.5%, the losses have been reduced by 50% compared to the current industry standard. In a global perspective, considering the high energy consumption in the telecom industry, this technology breakthrough is not only reducing operational cost for the operators, but it can also have a significant environmental impact.
Main advantages of the Flatpack2 48V HE rectifier:
1. Flexibility and reliability
The Flatpack HE module provides high power density and demonstrates excellent reliability with the lowest running costs. The HE rectifier maintains high efficiency even at low load, which was previously unavailable and was considered a characteristic drawback of most modern soft switching technologies. The widespread use of digital components has increased the functionality of the module and its compliance with the majority of customer expectations. At the same time, additional mechanisms of self-defense of the equipment were created, such as reducing the output power when the temperature rises or the power of the stationary power supply falls.
2. "Hot connection"
Just connect the new rectifier to the system, it will register it on its own, get the assigned name, load the network settings and be ready for operation after a short time without requiring the entire system or other equipment to be stopped. The HE rectifier fully complies with the Flatpack2 standard rectifier, which means that it is compatible with any equipment of the FP2 family, including when expanding and upgrading the power supply system.
3. Compatibility with international standards
The design of key equipment models meets all applicable standards and customer requirements. All rectifiers from the Flatpack2 family are EU certified and comply with UL and NEBS standards.
4. Patent applications
The creation of the Flatpack2 HE rectifier was the result of years of hard research. The unique technological solutions presented in the device are protected by patents.

Model48/2000 HE 48/3000 HE
Rated voltage AC 
185 - 275 VAC
176 - 277 VAC
Rated voltage DC 
185 - 270 VAC 
AC voltage range
85 - 300 VAC 
85 - 305 VAC
DC voltage range<
140 - 275 VDC
Maximum current
11,6 А
19,2 А
Output power48 V48 V
Maximum current
41.7 A
62.5 A
Maximum power DC
2000 W 3000 W
96.5 %
96,2 %
Operating temperature
-40 до + 85°C (-40 до +185°F) -40 до +75°C (-40 - +167°F)
Dimensions WxHxD (mm)
72 x 41.5 x 217 mm109 x 41.5 x 327 mm
20 20