Vodafone. Building a 3G/4G+ network in 2017-2018

Vodafone. Building a 3G/4G+ network in 2017-2018
Vodafone. Building a 3G/4G+ network in 2017-2018
Vodafone. Building a 3G/4G+ network in 2017-2018
  • Client:Vodafone, PrJSC “VF Ukraine” (holding of OJSC “Mobile TeleSystems”)
  • Geography:Ukraine
  • Industry:Telecommunications

Goal: To expand the 3G/4G+ telecommunication network throughout Ukraine for standard and for limited space conditions.

Solutions and Services:

  •  floor-standing outdoor cabinets;
  • metal or concrete base installable outdoor cabinets;
  • outdoor equipment systems (air conditioners and heaters).

Project Description

Outdoor cabinets are used to place cellular equipment: a base station, a power source, batteries, radio relay and cross equipment - and its normal operation. In addition, they maintain the required temperature throughout the year and prevent unauthorized access to the equipment. Often there is a problem when such cabinets need to be installed in a confined space. To solve these problems, TECO has developed a new generation of wall-mounted outdoor cabinets.

TECO wall-mounted outdoor cabinets are easy to install and maintain. The design provides for the possibility of mounting the cabinet on a wall or mast, and the all-welded vandal-proof housing eliminates unauthorized access to the equipment. Therefore, the implemented project included the integrated production and supply of floor-standing and wall-mounted outdoor cabinets.

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The main advantages of TECO outdoor cabinets (floor-standing and wall-mounted):

  • Cabinets are partly dismountable, with side walls and doors designed as a sandwich panel. The integral heat transfer coefficient of the cabinet body does not exceed 2 W/m2;
  • Cabinets are vandal-proof. The outer walls of the cabinets are made of 2.0 mm sheet steel;
  • Heat insulation - rock wool, non-flammable class;
  • Protection degree IP55
  • Maximum permissible distributed static load - 650 kg;
  • The doors are equipped with a five-latch, three-point locking system;
  • EDP, LLVD and BLVD are located on the side walls of the cabinet, saving thereby space in a 19” rack;
  • Rack for installation of one to four groups of batteries;
  • Possible installation on a metal or concrete support (for wall-mounted cabinets);
Features of the climate system of the cabinet:

Floor-standing cabinets are divided into two temperature zones: a zone with batteries (batteries) and a zone with active equipment, thermally insulated from one another.

Heating system: heaters are installed directly in the air conditioners.

Cooling system:

- wall-mounted cabinets: air conditioner;

- temperature zone of the battery of the floor standing cabinet (if available): air conditioner;

- temperature zone of the active equipment of the floor-standing cabinet: air conditioners;

- the climate maintenance system can parameterize locally. External operating temperature range: –40 ...+50°С.

The created monitoring system included a controller with the option of local control. Security and fire alarm system - door opening, flooding, smoke, and vibration sensors.

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