Power transformer (autotransformer) cooling system upgrade

Power transformer (autotransformer) cooling system upgrade
Power transformer (autotransformer) cooling system upgrade
  • Client:SHORETELI HOLDING GROUP LTD (system integrator)
  • Geography:Georgia
  • Industry:Power industry

Goal: Replace outdated automatic control cabinets with power transformer (autotransformer) cooling systems.

Solutions and Services: Supply of automatic control cabinets for autotransformer cooling systems. This product is an individually  developed outdoor SHAOT series of various configurations.

Project Description

The project for SHORETELI was completed to build a backup cooling of the power plant. Within the framework of the project, the cooling system of power transformers (autotransformers) was upgraded.

To solve the set tasks, a range of outdoor cabinets ShAOT of own design was proposed.

They are designed to place control equipment. The cabinets provide autonomous operation of the equipment, its protection from the environment at any time of the year, and maintenance of a set operating mode in various outdoor conditions (high level of rainfall and humidity, low/high temperature from –25 to +40oС).

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The automatic autotransformer cooling control cabinets ShAOT have a number of advantages:

• Design option: floor-standing;

• The cabinets are installed on the base; there are mounting holes in the base to fasten the cabinet to the concrete base.

• Structural elements of cabinets are made of high-strength sheet steel;

• Cabinets have two doors (external and internal doors). Keys / buttons, signal lamps, status indicators, etc. are located on the inner door. Vandal-proof design of the doors prevents easy access to locks and hinges, and as a result, equipment theft;

• Availability of a door activated lamp. There are also 2 sockets for easy cabinet maintenance on the internal door;

• Cabinets are equipped with TECO ABS 400W 200V fan heaters. The heater is equipped with an overheating protection device;

• Couplings with seals of different diameters are provided for cables entering the cabinet;

• Cabinets are equipped with a connecting clip to the ground loop;

• Paint coating wear-resistance is at least 15 years.

• The control circuit provides 2 operating modes: manual and automatic. Supply voltage of the control circuit - 220V 50Hz. Supply voltage of the alarm circuit - 220V DC. Supply voltage of the power circuit - 380V 50 Hz;

• The control and light-signaling equipment is located on the internal door of the cabinet;

• The control circuit is assembled from standardized equipment, which increases the reliability of its operation and ease of maintenance; any failed element can be replaced with a similar one without changing the circuit.

• The control circuit provides for the transmission of state indication signals to the control panel:

- start of the operating pumps;

- emergency shutdown of any operating pump;

- start of a standby pump;

- emergency shutdown of any standby pump;

- switching of the power supply of the cooling system from the main to the standby;

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