Poltavaoblenergo. Power network upgrade

Poltavaoblenergo. Power network upgrade
Poltavaoblenergo. Power network upgrade
  • Client:PJSC “Poltavaoblenergo”
  • Geography:Ukraine
  • Industry:Power industry

Goal: Modernization of the network by replacing outdated electrical cabinets.

Solutions and Services: Manufacture and supply of wall-mounted wiring cabinets ShRNA

Project Description

PJSC "Poltavaoblenergo" is among the ten most powerful energy supplying companies in Ukraine. PJSC "POLTAVAOBLENERGO" is constantly working to improve the efficiency of work, radically upgrade production facilities, therefore, within the framework of the network modernization project, there were high demands on the quality and reliability of the equipment supplied.

PJSC "POLTAVAOBLENERGO” required wiring cabinets that would ensure reliable protection against unauthorized access to multifunctional expensive equipment, as well as its safety in any climatic conditions.

To meet the client's requirements, we offered TECO wiring cabinets ShRNA.

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The scope of supply of the wiring cabinets included:

• Design option: wall-mounted;

• Dimensions: height: 1200 mm; width: 800 mm; depth: 300 mm;

• Design: all-welded;

• Material: 1.5 mm sheet steel;

• Installation panel height - 1164 mm;

• Installation panel width - 750 mm;

• Rated voltage - 0.4 kV;

• Current type – DC and AC;

• Rated current - 600 A;

Cable glands are located on the bottom of the cabinet and are made as panel-plugs (equipped with seals). Number of cable glands - 3 pc.;

• The cabinet has special flanges in the points where the door is adjacent to the housing, which prevents the penetration of dust and moisture into the cabinet;

• The cabinets are completed with 2 locks and 3 hinges;

• Protection degree: IP54;

• Maximum permissible distributed static load: 100 kg;

• Climatic version - NF 1.1.

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