ME “Kharkiv Metro”. Rolling stock upgrade

ME “Kharkiv Metro”. Rolling stock upgrade
ME “Kharkiv Metro”. Rolling stock upgrade
ME “Kharkiv Metro”. Rolling stock upgrade
  • Client:ME “Kharkiv Metro”
  • Geography:Ukraine
  • Industry:Transport

Goal: To install energy-efficient climate control equipment in the driver’s cabs.

Solutions and Services: Within this project, the employees of LLC “NVP TECO LTD” have designed, manufactured and supplied individual energy-efficient climate control units to maintain the temperature in the driver's cabs.

Project Description

The modernization project for the Kharkiv Metro required an individually developed series of climatic equipment that would provide energy-efficient cooling for driver cabins. At the same time, the system was supposed to be as simple and reliable as possible and easy to install.

To solve this task, the company's specialists have individually developed a DC climate control unit KNM-600, which corresponds to the needs of the Customer as much as possible.

The new series of outdoor assembly is reliable, efficient and easy to install.

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The outdoor assembly KN-600 by LLC “NVP TECO LTD” has the following features and benefits:

• cooling capacity 600 W;

• operating temperature range: –15°С to +55°С;

• durable design ensures long service life and effective protection in various environmental conditions;

• protection degree - IP 55;

• The outdoor assembly consists of the following main functional units:

1) refrigeration unit;

2) controller with control panel.

• The built-in controller controls the equipment of the air conditioning system according to the set user parameters;

• Heating element of the cabinet provides heating of the internal space during the cold season;

• The outdoor assembly housing is divided into two compartments (external and internal):

- the external compartment contains: a compressor, a condenser radiator, a fan, temperature sensors and a flexible heater of the compressor;

- the internal compartment contains: an evaporator radiator, a fan, a heating element, a controller, temperature sensors and a control panel.

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