• Steel frame
  • Installation of 17 to 36 relays
  • 3 types of racks
  • Design according to client's requirements

The racks are designed for placement of relay, block and other equipment with cross-mounting, as well as for input, connection and cable crossing of railway automation devices.

TECO solutions include:
  • SRKM Relay Racks
  • SRBKM Relay Block Racks
  • SKKM Cross Racks
The rack's construction provides:

1. SRKM Relay Racks:
- the ability to install 17 series of the NMSH type plug-in relay and series of PP-20 terminal panels (instead of the third series of terminal panels allowed the possibility of installing series of NMSH relays);
- ability to install instead of the relay series terminal panels, panels with the outlet, arresters and other devices according to the schemes of a particular project;
- ability to install up to three frames with side terminals, which are used for the transition to the adjacent installation of rack and for conventional power dilution.

2. SRBKM Relay Block Racks:
- not more than 80 switching panels of PC-8-69 type for cable connection;
- not more than 36 electrical panels of PP-20 type for 12 in a row to connect inner post cables on the relay and the relay block racks;
- one or two side frames on 4 panels of PP-20 type for the transition of the installation between the cross racks;
- RVNSH-250 type arresters;
- brackets for fixing cables with a total number of cores no more than 128 under one bracket.

3. SKKM Cross Racks:
- placement up to 18 complete relay blocks EC, located in 6 rows and three rows of terminal panels of PP-20 type 12 panels in a row;
- frames for blocks are available in three types: six blocks; four blocks; three blocks;
- up to three frames with side terminal panels for the transition to the adjacent installation of the rack are installed on one of the side rack stand.

Implemented projects with this equipment