Free Cooling PVV-2000

Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000
Free Cooling PVV-2000


  • Optimum temperature profile
  • Stable operation
  • Increased equipment lifecycle
  • Minimum energy costs
The FreeCooling system is designed to cool equipment installed inside a telecommunications cabinet, saving energy and reducing operating costs. The product provides an optimal operating environment for electronic equipment placed in the base station in terms of purity and temperature, increasing the service life of the equipment.

The Free Cooling system is designed for installation of a telecommunications network of a mobile operator in the base station container. The system works according to a predetermined algorithm, pumping cold, pre-cleaned outside air into the room, at the same time removing heated air therefrom. Thus, the room is cooled without the use of refrigeration equipment (air conditioning). The cooling process of the Free Cooling System is based on the potential of the colder outside air that can cool the heated air in the base station room. This cooling process is characterized by minimal power supply costs, high energy-saving efficiency and compact equipment structure.
In the cases where the use of traditional air conditioners causes very high cost of electricity, the use of Free Cooling Systems by TECO will reduce the total cost of managing the temperature regime up to 90%.
Our company has accumulated a lot of technical and practical experience in this field and embodied it in a universal solution - Free Cooling Systems for forced cooling of containers.
A highly reliable design allows operating Free Cooling Systems in severe weather conditions (rain, wind, dust) and extreme temperature conditions from -40°С to +55°С.
Free Cooling system has the following characteristics:
- Maintains the optimum temperature for the equipment installed in the container;
- Ensures uninterrupted and stable operation of telecommunications equipment inside the container;
- Increases the service life of heat-sensitive equipment;
- Minimum energy costs;
- Vandal-proof design due to hidden fastening system;
- Rated voltage – 48 V or 220 V +/-10%;
- Control system - TECO CFT;
- Built-in memory module, recording data for 30 days;
- The controller supports Ethernet, GSM with integration into the software on the server;
- Reading of the electricity meter data and their further transfer;
- Low noise level;
- Protection degree - IP 55;

Method of installation: Wall mounting
Rated voltage: 48 V
Performance: Up to 3410 m3/h
Rated fan power: 250 W
Maximum fan power: 386 W
Filter type: Purity class - G4
 Color: RAL 7035 (grey)

Protection degree: IP 55

Basic configuration:
External forced ventilation unit - 1 pc.
Remote control unit - 1 pc.
Exhaust gravity valve - 1 pc.
Protective exhaust hood with filter - 1 pc.
Vestibule door grid - 1 pc.
Grid frame - 1 pc.
Internal panel with flange - 1 pc.
Installation kit - 1 pc.

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