Fan heater

Fan heater
Fan heater
Fan heater
Fan heater
Fan heater
Fan heater
Fan heater
Fan heater


  • External temperature range T° -45°C to +50°C
  • Built-in fan
  • Overheating protection
  • Operating voltage - 48V or 220V
The compact fan heater by TECO is designed to maintain the temperature and prevent the formation of condensate inside the telecommunications or electrical cabinet, providing optimal conditions for the operation of telecommunications and electrical equipment. The ribbed structure of the aluminum radiator allows efficient dissipation of heat from the heating element. The use of a fan increases the heat output of the heater and allows the heat to circulate evenly throughout the cabinet.

Main advantages:
• Operating voltage - 48V or 220V;
• Equipped with overheating protection device;
• Installation on din-rail or bracket;
• Resistance to vibration;
• High durability;
• Long service life;
• Heating capacity 200 W or 400 W.

Material: Aluminum radiator, ceramic heating element
Rated voltage 50 Hz: 48 V or 220 V
Heating capacity: 200 W or 400 W
Operating temperature: From -45°С to +50°С
Fan performance: 45 m3/h

Delivery: Pre-assembled