Constrution of administrative service centers

Constrution of administrative service centers
Constrution of administrative service centers
Constrution of administrative service centers
  • Client:LLC “IQ Trading”
  • Geography:Ukraine
  • Industry:Service sector

Goal: To provide administrative service centers with all necessary equipment for effective provision of administrative services to the population.

Solutions and Services: We have supplied 19” wall-mounted telecommunications cabinets Easycase in different versions.

Project Description

The 19” wall-mounted telecommunications cabinet Easycase is designed for optimal placement of active and passive equipment. This model is perfect in situations where space is confined or the floor surface is already occupied by other things. The carrying capacity of the cabinet will allow placing the necessary amount of equipment.

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Wall-mounted cabinets Easycase have the following characteristics:

• The cabinet design provides for easy access for installation and maintenance of equipment from three sides - through the front door and two removable panels;

• Design option - wall-mounted;

• Dimensions: height: 12U; width: 600 mm; depth: 600 mm;

• Design - all-welded;

• Framework – 1 mm sheet steel;

• Galvanized unit racks made of 1.5 mm steel;

• Mounting rack adjustment pitch - 25 mm;

• Type of front door: metal door with 4 mm tempered glass; Other door options are also available - a perforated door (83% perforation) or a solid door;

• Cable glands (122x66 mm) are located in the roof, bottom and rear wall of the cabinet;

• Fan units can be installed in the roof and bottom of the cabinet (2 fans in each point);

• Electric shock protection - all conducting elements are connected;

• Easycase provide for installation of additional mounting angle bars or profiles;

• The cabinet is supplied complete with a mounting kit for a vertical surface;

• Maximum permissible distributed static load - 40 kg;

• Protection degree - IP20;

• A wide range of accessories is available: shelves, socket blocks, fan units, power supply units, plugs, grounding bus bars, etc.

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