Flatpack S 48V HE

Flatpack S 48V HE
Flatpack S 48V HE


  • Compact size
  • Connection of rectifiers in "hot" mode
  • Efficiency 95.5%
  • Forced cooling with controlled fan speed
  • Can be used as a DC/DC Converter
Rectifiers "Flatpack S", occupying a minimum of space and the name of low heat transfer, covera power range from 2 to 5.4 kW. Rectifiers are used in 1, 2 and 3U power systems withSmartpack S Controller and LVBD and LVLD distribution panel.
Flatpack S Power supply system is a combination of high efficiency of compactness andreliability from Eltek.
Flatpack S is an ideal choice for telecommunication and industrial applications. High power andefficiency, compact design, the possibility of replacement in the "hot mode", make this AC/DCrectifier ideal for creating compact powerful DC systems from 1kW to 10kW, used in industryfor the production and distribution of electricity.
The rectifier allows integration with various customer management environments of thesystem. The Smartpack S system controller used with these rectifiers supports a wide range ofcommunication tools and protocols, from simple signal relays to SNMPv3 via Ethernet port.

48/1000 HE 48/1800 HE
Maximum voltage
185 - 270 VAC / 185 - 250 VDC
195 - 277 VAC / 195 - 250 VDC
DC Output
Maximum Current
20.9 A
37.5 A
Maximum voltage
-48 VDC

Maximum power DC
1000 W
1800 W
Single fan
Single fan
95.5 %
95.8 %
Operating temperature
-40 до + 85°C [-40 до +185°F] 45°C [113°F] / 600W 85°C[185°F] -40 до + 85°C [-40 до +185°F] 45°C [113°F] / 1000W 85°C[185°F]
Dimensions WxHxD (mm)
72 x 41.5 x 217 mm 72 x 41.5 x 217 mm
20 20