Smartpack R

Smartpack R
Smartpack R


  • Remote battery monitoring and testing
  • Indication and extension of battery life
  • Charging with automatic temperature compensation
  • It is possible to connect several types of control units
  • Alarm system
Smartpack R controllers are powerful modules used as main controllers in power management based on Smartpack technology. Smartpack R is a system information display interface that communicates with rectifiers and other nodes and power modules via the CAN bus. Ethernet connectivity provides easy access to responsive HTML5 web pages.
The Smartpack R is a replacement for the first generation Smartpack 1 controllers, manufactured and sold between 2005 to 2018, meant first and foremost for retrofitting of mid-range Eltek power systems from that period. It has the same form factor, i.e. the same dimensions and connections as the original Smartpack 1 and is fully backward compatible.

Main characteristics:
  • - Backward compatibility
  • - Form, fit, function compatible with legacy Eltek Smartpack controller Ethernet
  • - IPv4/v6, responsive html5 web interface, snmpv3, Modbus tcp, radius, security penetration tested System capabilities
  • - All Eltek power modules, including rectiverters and can nodes such as flex monitor Telecom site monitoring
  • - Erial ports/usb: usb b-type, usb a-type host for dongles, wifi, 4g modems, Bluetooth, flash drives, etc. rj-11 w/rs-232/rs-485 w/ Modbus rtu slave for scada and Modbus rtu master for data collection from 3rd party equipment with generic configurable protocol for smartmeters, etc. and fixed protocols for li-ion batteries etc.

Max input Voltage
17-75 VDC
Rated voltage
48 and 60 V
Power consumption
4.5 W
Dimensions WxHxD (mm)
109 x 44 x 140 mm