Cell on wheels (COW)

Cell on wheels (COW)
Cell on wheels (COW)
Cell on wheels (COW)
Cell on wheels (COW)
Cell on wheels (COW)
Cell on wheels (COW)
Cell on wheels (COW)
Cell on wheels (COW)


  • Significantly increases 3G/4G/5G capacity
  • Independent of stationary communication facilities
  • Self-powered
  • Protection degree IP55

The Cell on wheels is designed to place antenna-feeder equipment on mast structures and stationary equipment of a cellular communication station in a container, to transport and quickly deploy a fixed point of communication, increase the capacity of a cellular network or create a coverage area for a limited time period.
The Cell on wheels is made in the form of a telecommunications module on a low-frame trailer adapted for transportation by a tractor.


Cell on wheels (COW) allow solving the problems with ensuring the quality of mobile communication during public events that are held in areas away from residential infrastructure, during natural disasters and man-made accidents to replace broken stationary communication facilities. They are independent of stationary communication facilities, which allows them to be deployed in almost any territory and used to create communication coverage where necessary.

The Cell on wheels is a frame trailer with an installed block container with a compartment for placing radio modules. The block container is vandal-proof. The main compartment is made in the form of insulated sandwich panels of galvanized metal. The main compartment also places telecommunications rack for the equipment and batteries. The compartment for radio modules is made in the form of a ventilated cage consisting of galvanized rods and with a separate entrance.
The container is equipped inside with a climatic equipment to maintain the desired temperature and basic furniture for staff.
Vandal-proof design and fire alarm system provide security and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access.
Main advantages:
• Ability to transport by a SUV vehicle, no need for a separate vehicle.
• Separate compartment for storage and transportation of radio modules and diesel generator;
• Mast design option - aluminum or telescopic assembly, with manual or automatic lifting mechanism;
• A wide range of products, the ability of customized development;
• COW is independent of stationary communication facilities and has its own power source (diesel generator) providing for its deployment in almost any territory;
• Due to IP55, climate maintenance system and highly reliable components, this solution can be operated in severe climatic conditions;
• An electric meter panel with the ability to transfer meter readings via MODBus or RS232;
• Security and fire alarm system;
• A set of furniture (table, chair, shelf for documents);
• Grounding kit.

Width: 4800 mm
Depth: 6040 mm
Height: 10500 mm

Mast height: 10 m

Antenna suspension height: Up to 10 m

Transportation speed: Up to 50 km/h

Color: RAL 7035 (grey)
Protection degree: IP 54

Scope of delivery:
Trailer - 1 pc.

Container - 1 pc.
Mast 10 m - 1 pc.
Interception rod - 1 pc.
A set of furniture - 1 pc.
First aid kit - 1 pc.
Fire extinguisher - 1 pc.
Data sheet - 1 pc.
Service book - 1 pc.
Metalware kit - 1 pc.
Infrared heating panel - 1 pc.
Air conditioning - 1 pc.
Fire alarm system - 1 pc.