Peltier air conditioner

Peltier air conditioner
Peltier air conditioner
Peltier air conditioner
Peltier air conditioner


  • Temperature control
  • Heating function
  • Cooling function
  • Remote control and management
Peltier-based thermoelectric air conditioner (thermoelectric assembly) is an innovative solution for the new generation of outdoor cabinets. The use of easily adjustable and reversible parts provides the ability to maintain the required temperature in a confined space under any adverse environmental conditions (rain, wind, dust, etc.). It also provides high efficiency and durability of the equipment. Peltier thermoelectric air conditioner is easy to install and use.

Material: Cast aluminum housing
Rated voltage: 48 V
Total cooling capacity: 200 W, 400 W
Heating capacity: 200 W, 400 W
Inrush current: 11 А, 14 А
Rated current: 9.5 А, 12 А
Dimensions: 175х425х192 mm, 475х375х219 mm
Weight: Not more than: 7.4 kg, 12 kg
Fan capacity (free flow), internal / external circuit: 265/695 m3/h, 525/1300 m3/h 

Main advantages:
• The ability to accurately maintain the temperature inside the cabinet;
• Functioning in the environment with a temperature range of -45 / + 50°C;
• Functioning during installation in arbitrary positions, at any angle;
• Resistance to vibration;
• High durability;
• Setting the parameter of the maintained temperature, as well as other performance indicators using the remote control or the controller for monitoring and dispatching the upper level;
• Low power consumption;
• Environmentally friendly.