• Ambient temperature max. +45°C
  • Ozone-safe refrigerant R407C
  • Energy efficient scroll compressor Copelend
  • Built-in hydraulic module
  • Remote control and management
Chillers are industrial refrigeration units that provide a predetermined coolant temperature regardless of the ambient temperature developed by TECO for cooling IT equipment, for example, air-to-water heat exchangers and process equipment - molding and injection molding machines, extruders, automatic molding machines, laser and plasma cutting machines, welding machines, hydraulic presses, etc. 

The model range includes chillers with a cooling capacity from 8 to 86 kW (at a temperature of cooled liquid from +25°C to +5°C).
Main characteristics:

  • Ambient temperature max.: +45°C;
  • Refrigerant (freon): R407C;
  • Compressor: Spiral - Copelend (USA);
  • Heat exchanger - evaporator: stainless steel plate;
  • Built-in hydraulic module;
  • High and low pressure gauges;
  • Electronic control unit: with display of the set and real water temperature.


  • Flow control (installation of flow switch);
  • Outdoor variant (with a 35% glycol refill and a "winter launch" kit);
  • Expansion of the operating temperature range;
  • Ability to work on a variable flow;
  • Expansion tank;
  • “Quick Start” - this option allows the TECO chiller to reach its full capacity within 90 seconds after power is restored, ensuring the immediate operation of the device.
  • Online control and SNMP compatibility.
TECO chillers have high performance and excellent technical data, are easy to operate and install, work silently and comply with the environmental requirements.