Kyivstar. Building a 3G/4G+ network in 2016-2018

Kyivstar. Building a 3G/4G+ network in 2016-2018
Kyivstar. Building a 3G/4G+ network in 2016-2018
Kyivstar. Building a 3G/4G+ network in 2016-2018
  • Client:Kyivstar PJSC (VEON Holding)
  • Geography:Ukraine
  • Industry:Telecommunications

Goal: To expand the 3G/4G+ telecommunication network throughout Ukraine.

Solutions and Services:
  • floor-standing wiring outdoor cabinets;
  • climate maintenance system (air conditioners, heat exchangers, heaters, etc.);
  • monitoring and remote access system, software developed in accordance with the technical requirements of Kyivstar PJSC with individual software for each type of cabinet.

Project Description

When it comes to the quality of the equipment used to deploy 3G/4G+ networks, it means not only its uninterrupted operation, but also a long service life. To do this, the equipment must be reliably protected from changing weather conditions and other destructive external factors. In addition, tools are required that will allow the least costly way to optimize work with the network.

Being a strategic partner of Kyivstar, TECO implemented the following set of activities for solving this task:

  • Designed and manufactured outdoor telecommunication cabinets of several standard sizes;
  • Developed and supplied a combined system of climate equipment (air conditioners, heat exchangers, heaters, etc.);
  • Created a monitoring and remote access system, with individual software for each type of cabinet.

Related Projects

Outdoor telecommunication cabinet is designed to place and ensure the autonomous operation of telecommunications equipment inside the cabinet, and protect it from the environmental effects at any time of the year.

The main advantages of TECO outdoor cabinets:

  • Cabinets are all-welded, with side walls and doors designed as a sandwich panel. The integral heat transfer coefficient of the cabinet body does not exceed 2 W/m2;
  • Cabinets are vandal-proof. The outer walls of the cabinets are made of 2.0 mm sheet steel;
  • Heat insulation - rock wool, non-flammable class;
  • Protection degree IP55
  • Maximum permissible distributed static load - 650 kg;
  • Availability of the second door on the rear side of the cabinet. The doors are equipped with a five-latch, three-point locking system;
  • The cabinet is supplied complete with an autonomous fire extinguishing system;
  • The server-installed monitoring system provides for remote analysis of information and control of equipment. Logging on each separate cabinet is possible from a mobile phone via the web interface.
The project climate system includes a heating and cooling system. The heating system includes heaters installed directly inside the housing of air conditioners or heat exchangers (from 500 W to 1000 W at 230 VAC).

The cooling system consists of a battery temperature zone (400 W 230 VAC air conditioner); temperature zone of active equipment (2500 W, 230VAC / 48VDC air conditioner or heat exchanger with a capacity of 500 m3/h). The climate maintenance system can parameterize both locally and remotely.

External operating temperature range: –30 ...+50°С. The internal temperature range maintained by the microclimate system is +10...+40°С - for telecommunication equipment; +20...+25°С - for rechargeable batteries.

The created monitoring system included a controller with the possibility of local and remote control and Modbus, GSM and Ethernet support. The security and fire alarm system includes flooding, smoke, burglary and filter contamination sensors, and automatic fire extinguishing system.

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